Welcome to WiiUBrU Guide!

Your first guide which doesn’t use outdated methods!

What you will need in order to hack your Wii U :

  1. SDCard [16GB-32GB for Wup Installer Method, 2GB-8GB for homebrew apps, 16GB or 64GB SDCard for NAND backup]
  2. PC/Laptop with SDCard reader
  3. External USB Harddrive for Wup Installer method if you plan to install more games. [If it’s not self-powered, grab a Y-cable]
  4. Brain. We don’t take responsiblity for your brick!

What we’ll cover in this guide :

  1. Before we start [Everything explained!]
  2. Explaining Unexplained [Explaining shortcuts used in this guide]
  3. Blocking Updates
  4. Browserhax
  5. Mocha CFW
  6. Haxchi Installation
  7. Wup Installer Method
  8. Dumping Wii U’s NAND
  9. ColdBootHaxChi Installation