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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “What does CFW/HBL/HBAS/CBHC/VC mean?”                                                                                                                        

  • Answer: CFW means Custom Firmware. This term is currently used to homebrew which allows us to run unsigned apps and games. HBL means Homebrew Launcher. It allows you to launch homebrew apps.
  • HBAS means Homebrew Appstore, the store which allows you to download homebrew apps.
  • CBHC means ColdbootHaxchi. It provides sigpatching and region-free straight on boot.
  • VC means Virtual Console. It basically allows you to play old games on your Wii U/3DS and so on…

Question: “Should i block my Wii U’s MAC Address as other suggest to?”                                                                                                  

Answer: No please don’t. You will be unable to access and many other HBL entry points websites.

Question: “What SDCard/USB HDD size should i get?”                                                                                                                                      

Answer: Simple 4GB SDCard will be enough for homebrew apps. However, if you want to install games using Wup Installer Method then i suggest getting 16GB-32GB SDCard. USB HDD size can be even 128GB, if you plan to install only a few games. If you want to install more, i suggest getting 1TB HDD.

Question: “For what should i use Mocha CFW?”                                                                                                                                      

Answer:  I suggest using SDCard for “iosuhax speed boost”. It speeds up read/write speed of your SDCard! It’s useful if you’re using Wii U USB Helper Transfer Tool to transfer downloaded games from PC to Wii U. It’s also useful if you have alot of roms sitting on your SDCard. Emulators like RetroArch can take forever to load them all, but with Mocha CFW/Haxchi CFW and CBHC CFW it takes less than 10 seconds. You should use it only if you can’t afford DS VC game. If you can afford a DS VC game, then i suggest buying it and heading to “Haxchi” Step


“What do i get from hacking my Wii U?” Well, you get the following features:

  • Ability to install and play Wii U backups
  • Ability to run unsigned software on Wii U
  • Ability to run emulators, homebrew apps on your Wii U
  • Ability to dump Wii U’s NAND
  • And many other features

Ok we can now move along and understand what all these terms mean , unless your happy to dive right into blocking updates and getting started.