Blocking Updates

Say “No!” to System Updates!

Important step which will save you from random firmware updates

You don’t want your Wii U to update, right? You would lose access to cool stuff such as installing Wii U backups or using various homebrew apps.

Well, worry not, thanks to DNS blocking!  Now follow steps below and you will be update-free!

  • Open System Settings
  • Head to Internet then tap “Connect to Internet”
  • Press X
  • Select your connected connection then tap on Change Settings
  • Now locate DNS and set it to “Don’t Auto-obtain”
  1. Set Primary DNS to (TitleDNS “The Netherlands”)
  2. Set Second DNS to (TitleDNS “Los Angeles”)

Why do i need to block updates? Well, Nintendo can push out update which can patch every exploit out there. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Don’t want to configure alternate DNS Settings? Worry not, we have another method for you!

Alternate Methods

You can:

  1. Block by URL Filtering
  2. Block your Wii U’s MAC Address [No internet access, no ability to run homebrew access gates, don’t use it]

1 . Block updates by URL filtering in your router settings*


*- Some routers can’t block by URL Filtering. If your router can’t do that, then i suggest setting up alternate DNS connection.

2 . Block your Wii U’s MAC Address*

  1. Go to System Settings then Internet then View MAC Address
  2. Type the string in your MAC Address Filter (example: e3-ef-5a-32-96-gh)

*- This will block whole internet access on your Wii U! If you do that, you will be unable to access homebrew entry points.                                                           [You will be only able to load self-hosted homebrew entry points]


Congratulations! You set up Update Blocking! 

We are now ready to enter the Homebrew world .