Wup Installer Method

Install backup games to your Wii U!

Backup your disc games!

Well, you can use NUS Downloaders like JNUSTool, Wii U USB Helper and many other NUS Grabbers out there.

But in this guide, we will dump disc games! Advantages?

  • Your game is on Wii U Menu [After it’s installed]
  • You don’t have to stand up and open x game case and insert x game disc into Wii U’s disc drive then after you’re done playing, stand up and eject x game and put it back into x game case

Amazing, right? Then let’s jump right into it!

Oh, right, i almost forgot: I suggest grabbing a 32GB SDCard for this. Mostly because some disc games take up to 26GB or even more of SDCard space when dumped.

Time to download disc2app using Appstore!

Downloading Disc2App
  • Launch Haxchi while holding A button/Browserhax [wiiubru.com/go] or Homebrew Launcher Channel from Wii U menu
  • Tap on Appstore then Load
  • Tap again, then tap on “Tools” category
  • Find disc2app and click on “Get”
  • After it’s done, return to HBL

Done? Then let’s dump and then install our games!

  1.  Remove any disc that’s currently in Wii U
  2. Load disc2app
  3. Press “A” to dump to SDCard
  4. If you gained access to IOSU, It will say “Please insert the disc you want to dump now to begin.”
  5. Insert your x game disc now
  • It might take a while to complete. It depends on game size. [It took me 1-3h to dump SSB for example]

If it completed dumping, it will send you back to Wii U menu. That means you successfully dumped your Wii U disc game! Oh, we need something to install these games, right?

Downloading Wup Installer GX2/Mod Y
  • Get back into Homebrew Launcher with Haxchi/Browserhax/HBLC
  • Load Appstore
  • Tap on “Tools” category
  • Find Wup Installer GX2/or Wup Installer Mod Y [No GUI, no Touch controls]
  • Tap on “Get”
  • Return to HBL

It’s time to install them!

Installing dumped Wii U games
  • Load Wup Installer GX2/Mod Y
  • On Wup Installer GX2, tap to select your games
  • On Mod Y use D-PAD Up & Down to navigate through games
  • On Wup Installer GX2, tap on Install and select your desired location [USB or Wii U’s flash memory – NAND]
  • On Wup Installer Mod Y, press A to install it to NAND or X to install it to your USB HDD
  • They will both tell you when they’re done with installation. When they’re really done, press the home button. Then press home button again. [If you have HBLC then tap “Close software” button]
  • Now you will see your Wii U disc game in Wii U menu

You can delete these games by visiting ‘System Settings’ then ‘Data Management’.

Congratulations! You’re done!

Thanks for using our guide! Meanwhile check Appstore for new homebrew or head to very last page for a surprise! Oh btw: The password is ‘Surprise”

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