Explaining Unexplained

Every word shortcut explained!

It’s time to explain some stuff (Ugh..) Don’t worry, you’ll learn every advanced language we will use in this guide.

You’re here? Oh, so let’s begin!

  1. GX2 – Wii U graphics engine, it’s also reffered as Graphical User Interface, GUI in short.
  2. HBAS – Homebrew Appstore, it was mentioned and used previously
  3. CFW – Custom Firmware. It allows us to do impossible such as change things, emulate NAND and other
  4. HID – Human Interface Device, it’s a type of computer device which interacts with and mostly often takes input from humans and may deliver output to humans.
  5. VPAD – Wii U controller input.
  6. IOSU – Wii U’s ARM CPU, watches the PowerPC and halts the system if code falls out of line
  7. OTP“The One Time Programmable memory is programmed sometime during the factory process and can never be changed afterwards. The Wii U’s OTP is much larger than the Wii’s (1KB split across 8 banks of 128 bytes each) and contains an assortment of read-only data, including the console’s encryption/decryption keys.”
  8. HBL – Homebrew Launcher, used to launch homebrew apps (.elf and .rpx)
  9. FTP – File Transfer Protocol, client-server protocol that relies on two communications channels between client and server
  10. WUP – Wii U Game installable format
  11. CBHC – ColdBootHaxChi, this is currently the only solution to have region-free and sigpatches removed on boot
  12. SD – Flash Memory, you’re using SDCard which is a flash memory
  13. NNU – NeedsNetworkUpdate, NNU Patcher patches this function so you can launch eShop
  14. NAND – Wii U’s Flash Memory. Parts of Wii U’s NAND: MLC, SLC, SLCMTTP
  15. DLC – Downloadable Content, usually gives additional stuff in games such as characters.
  16. TCP – Transmission Control Protocol, it’s a standard that defines how to estabilish and maintain network conversation via which application programs can exchange data.
  17. tik – Includes line of numbers and code which are required in order to decrypt and install WIi U game
  18. ddd – Digital Title Dumper. Old method used to dump digital titles, sadly it creates invalid meta.xml file which is only useful for Loadiine GX2…

Its a lot to take in we know.

but we feel its  better to be informed of all this.

Now lets get going.