Mocha CFW

Mocha CFW

Launching CFW! Time for region-free!

Mocha CFW is a small .elf file which is very powerful. It removes sigpatches and adds region-free feature to your Wii U. It’s not permament [It requires to launch browserhax everytime you reboot your Wii U]

Alright, let’s jump into Mocha CFW installation. This is where HBAS will get it’s use!

Using Homebrew Appstore to download Mocha CFW

You’re still in Homebrew Launcher? If so

  • Tap on Appstore
  • Tap on Load
  • Tap again after it loads
  • Now you should see categories, tap on “Tools” category
  • Find Mocha CFW, tap on it then tap on “Get”
  • After it’s done downloading, press Home button on your Wii U gamepad

Now after you did that, you should now see Mocha CFW in Homebrew Launcher. It’s time to launch it! Tap on “Mocha CFW’ then tap on “Load”. It’s time to set it up!

In this guide, i want you to turn off redNAND option! It’s only good for developers and shouldn’t be used to play games! It’s a very useful option for developers which want to develop homebrew on Wii U and to see if it bricks. Use DPAD to change options.

  • Relaunch OS -> ON [It will relaunch Mocha CFW everytime you enter System Settings or other app]
  • Show custom bootscreen on launch -> ON/OFF, it’s up to you.
  • redNAND -> OFF [Developers which plan on playing around with Wii U hardware: Set it to ON, otherwise set it to OFF]

Now click A to boot into sigpatched sysmenu! [It’s also region-free!]

You set up Mocha CFW! That was quick! Now it’s time to get into more advanced stuff, eh?

Ok where now? grab some homebrew (appstore)? install game backups ? (Wup Installer)?