Hypnosis Affirmations to Help You to Quit Smoking

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    As you begin your smoke free life, it is important to constantly remind yourself of why you quit smoking Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. An excellent and effective way to do this is to use a form of self-hypnosis. Stop smoking hypnosis can be used at all stages of consciousness. You don have to be in a deep trance in order to reinforce your conscious and subconscious desire to quit smoking.

    One tool is to create and use affirmations to bolster your confidence. If you feel the urge to smoke again, repeat these affirmations. You might even notice that they send you into a light, calm trance that can be very relaxing as you deal with stressful situations where you might have turned to cigarettes Best Selling Cigarettes.

    If you post these affirmations and mantras around your house, office, and car, it will help by continuously sending these positive messages to your subconscious:

    I Love Me Enough to Be Smoke Free

    Remember that you chose to quit smoking out of respect for yourself. Take that "lack" that you might feel when you crave a cigarette and, instead of becoming tense and worrisome, fill that "hole" with positive feelings of love. Repeat the above affirmation. Breathe deeply, because you can!

    I Deserve to Be Healthy and Smoke Free

    Many people smoke because they lack confidence. Subconsciously, they might want to harm themselves in some way Cheapest Cigarettes In Usa. Smoking is an expression of self loathing.

    But, once you realize that you deserve health and that you deserve to live a smoke-free lifestyle, then it becomes much easier to recognize your own self worth.

    I Falling in Love with Fresh Air

    A fun visualization, as you repeat this affirmation aloud, or in your head, is to imagine the air filled with bright sparkly lights. Give them a color that, for you, represents an energetic and healthy feeling. It doesn matter what color it is, as long as it makes sense to you!

    As you breathe in this fresh air, really imagine the sensation that these twinkles of light are warming your lungs and rejuvenating your body Cheap Cigarettes Near Me. Feel the fresh air moving the oxygen through your body, your fingers and toes Order Cigarettes Online, and even directly to your brain!

    It an amazing feeling, isn it?

    I Feel Refreshed, Renewed, and Relaxed

    This affirmation is perfect for when you are waking up or preparing to sleep. These can both be difficult times when urges tend to resurge.

    Instead of feeling those needless urges of the old you, feel the energetic potential and positive awareness of the new you. Trust me, you love yourself for it, sleep easier, and wake up refreshed and vibrant.

    Here are some other excellent affirmations in your journey of stop smoking hypnosis. Nancy offers private, corporate, and group workshops on stop smoking hypnosis.
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