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    Liu Qingli: what is the relationship between F1 and smoking contest?Professor Zang: F1 game is international racing, was sponsored by the tobacco companies movement. The whole world knows, must by adding tax to the poor and young people can not afford to buy Newport cigarettes. Because the first smoke after the body will deteriorate, second no money to cure the sick, the sooner the more unfortunate smoking third. Some countries ten years ago received more than 5 cents per pack of cigarettes, the money used to control smoking. The United States is the tobacco disaster Kui, in twentieth Century the United States invented cigarette mechanical method, high cost of hand before yield less. When the United States in 1963, the first book, Congress asked the health department published to the whole American citizen of the dangers of smoking, then there is a link between smoking and lung cancer. Every year in the United States, a very thick book.
    Wang Shujun: Did you have very detailed material that raise up the Newport short cigarette tax ?Professor Zang: the most thorough study of this problem in the United States is Hu Dewei, I can give you his mailbox Carton Of Cigarettes Price. He is a professor at the University of California, now retired. He is my father's student, my father was the director of the Taiwan Economic Department of Tokai University. There are a lot of material, but you can't use it, which is a shame. Only to say a fact, according to the fact that you claim, get the data on the basis of. My conclusion is simple, today the world promote tobacco control means have been repeatedly confirmed, China does not need to start from scratch Marlboro Cigarette Types. Don't need detours, can learn from the way Brands Of Cigarettes, such as smoking tax. The United States has several joint to cigarette factory, Washington state each year nearly $30 million for tobacco control. Washington, young smokers is lower than the average decline in numbers in the United States Marlboro Menthol Lights, the United States now average dropped to 21%.
    Now is the lack of fine advice on tobacco control. A taxi driver told me one thing and asked the driver advised passengers not to smoke Newport Menthol cigarette, a visitor to smoke in the car, the driver tried to persuade him, he said I was the deputy director of the Beijing law firms in the city, I checked in the phone, the fine is punish you, and it is not related to the passengers, we continue to smoke. The driver is very powerful, I said it is not open, the driver should call 119, half an hour before the police arrived Organic Cigarettes, the passengers came down, give him a name card, said I was a lawyer, no legal basis. The policeman told the driver, don't trouble, go, delayed so long time. I think that the provisions should be no smoking in the car are fine, passengers can be ordered to stop smoking. This method is very simple, do not need to fine, but now there is no basis for the driver to let the guests get off, so now.
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