Entry to the world of homebrew

First step in Wii U hacking. Excited?

In order to launch anything, you must find a way to execute unsigned code. This browserhax method is what we call “gateway” or “entry point” to the world of homebrew!

But before we get there, you need files!

Downloading needed files

Download Homebrew Launcher here (You will need this to launch every homebrew app out there)

Download Homebrew Appstore here (With this app, you can download homebrew apps straight from your Wii U! This eliminates need for PC!)


Now you’re probably asking yourself “What should i do with this?!” Well, it’s simple! Insert your SDCard into your PC!

Setting up SDCard

You have SDCard in your PC now, great! Now we need to format it

  • Right-click on SDcard and then click Properties
  • Click on Format and format it to FAT32 32kb Cluster Size

Formatted SDCard? Nice!

  • Create a folder named “wiiu” then inside that folder create folder named “apps”
  • Store every homebrew there

Your file format should look like this

  • SDCard://wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf
  • SDCard://wiiu/apps
  • SDCard://wiiu

It shouldn’t look like this

  • SDCard://wiiu/apps/wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf
  • SDCard://wiiu/apps/wiiu/apps
  • Don’t rename your SDCard to “Wii U” or “WiiU” because Wii U will simply, ignore it.

Everything done? Now right-click on SDCard in Windows Explorer and click “Eject”. Now eject SDCard from your PC. This is where fun begins!


Everything done?

Don’t have something we call “PC”? Worry not, we have another method for you! WiiUBru Go! It automates everything so you don’t have to walk to PC and download stuff.

Downloading needed files from Wii U side

Visit on your Wii U. Insert your blank SDCard into your Wii U, Tap on Homebrew App Store, While you’re in HBAS Lite, download Homebrew App Store and Homebrew Launcher from there, Press home button after you’re done


Now it’s time to launch Homebrew Launcher. We will be also using for this!

  • Insert SDCard into your Wii U
  • Open up Internet Browser
  • Click on address bar and type “”
  • Tap on “Homebrew Launcher” from there
  • Wait and hope if it boots

See that beautiful Homebrew Launcher logo? Cool, right? And… That’s everything for Browserhax method! Nice job getting through this.

Now you are happy with how to exploit your WiiU , you have some CFW options :

a) One will involve you buying an Eshop title (haxchi) and removing the need for the browserhax procedure on each boot.

b) The other is free but isnt persistent (mocha) meaning you have to repeat the browserhax procedure on each boot.

c) If your happy at this point and just want to run lots of homebrew apps then you just need to download them with the appstore..

So what will it be ?