Dumping Wii U’s NAND

Backup your Wii U

Backup before doing CBHC, it will save your Wii U if you will fail to install CBHC

Guess it. It’s time to explain very useful information!

Explaining SLC, SLCMTTP, OTP, SEEPROM and MLC+Importance of OTP

SLC – Includes system configuration such as system.xml, sysmenu.xml and other critical parts of the Wii U (such as boot1)

SLCMTTP – vWii IOS’es, Save files and vWii stuff is stored there. Needed in-case if you screw up vWii to that state that even FTPiiU will not help.

MLC – Includes System Apps, such as Wii U Menu, System Settings, Wii U Browser etc. It also includes your installed games, saves and (partial, most of it is stored in SLC) Wii U configuration. You should really dump it. For example, if Wii U Menu stops working, your Wii U also stops working.

OTP – “The One Time Programmable memory is programmed sometime during the factory process and can never be changed afterwards. The Wii U’s OTP is much larger than the Wii’s (1KB split across 8 banks of 128 bytes each) and contains an assortment of read-only data, including the console’s encryption/decryption keys.”  You need it to decrypt SLC, SLCMTTP and MLC. It’s used to fix SLC in-case if you manage to brick while installing CBHC

SEEPROM – Serial EEPROM, Includes console information, boot parameters and other stuff. It includes some calls to SLC so i really suggest dumping it also.



  • 16GB SDCard for 8GB Wii U [White], 64GB for 32GB Wii U’s [Black]
  • Minimum 2GB free space for SLC, SLCMTTP, OTP and SEEPROM
  • Minimum ~8GB/32GB free space for MLC

It’s time to download and use NAND Dumper!

  • Launch Haxchi [Hold A so you will boot into HBL] If you’re still using Mocha CFW/Browserhax then launch Homebrew Launcher from wiiubru.com/go
  • Launch Appstore
  • Tap on “Tools” category
  • Find NAND Dumper there and click on “Get”
  • After it’s done, press Home button

Time to load it!

  • Find NAND Dumper tap on it, then tap “Load”
  • Wait couple of seconds
  • You should see following options: SLC: <yes>, SLCMTTP <yes>, MLC <no>, OTP <yes>
  • Change MLC to <yes> [If you have big enough SDCard, if not then just check it to <no>]
  • Use D-Pad Left-Right to select options
  • Press A after you’re done selecting options
  • Wait till it completes [With MLC it takes 1h-2h+]

Your dump is correct if your SLC, SLCMTTP is 528mb big. MLC will vary on size, it will have different sizes.

Store your NAND Dump on your PC, cloud drive, anything you feel would be safe.

You’re done! Ready to Cold boot your Haxchi(CBHC) ?