It’s Haxchi Time!

For this, you need legitimely purchased DS VC game from eShop.

Ready for Haxchi?

Haxchi or not to Haxchi

Haxchi allows you to launch Homebrew Launcher, it’s own built-in CFW and every homebrew app out there with a simple button hold. It has 100% launch rate which beats Browserhax method on every way

What does Haxchi do? Haxchi swaps rom.zip of your DS VC game with a exploited one. You will be unable to play that DS VC game so be sure to complete it before you Haxchi it!

Why only DS VC? DS VC is faster to bootup and get everything done!

I already have Brain Age installed. Will it also work? The answer is: Yes. Brain Age was free and every NNID created in 2014 got it! It’s also the cheapest DS VC out there so make sure to buy it!


Done reading? Then let’s jump right into it.

Before we start:

  • Download/Redownload/Purchase then download Brain Age/Exploitable DS VC game from eShop
  • For list of exploitable games, click this -> Haxchi Compatible DS VC games

If you can’t visit eShop, then disable your DNS TEMPORARILY in order to access eShop. [Set it again after you’re done]

Downloading Haxchi Installer

Now, you need to get back into HBL again. Fire up your Internet Browser on Wii U and repeat Browserhax step again, but this time, just launch Homebrew Launcher from wiiubru.com/go Now load Appstore.

  • You can find Haxchi Installer in Tools section of Homebrew Appstore!

After it’s done downloading, press Home button.


Back into HBL! Now it’s time to install Haxchi!

Installing Haxchi

Tap on “Haxchi Installer” then tap on “Load”

  • Now you;re prompted with Haxchi installer
  • Select your Legitimely purchased Brain Age/Exploitable DS VC game
  • Press A on it
  • It should begin overwriting your DS VC game with it’s own configuration
  • After it’s done, it will kick you back to Wii U menu, rarely to Mii Maker. If it does kick you to Mii Maker, then just quit Mii Maker

“Help! Haxchi Installation failed!” Don’t worry, we can fix that

Repairing DS VC game
  • Delete Brain Age/Exploitable DS VC game and redownload it from eShop
  • Check if Haxchi Installer isn’t corrupted [Instead of Haxchi Installer, you get black screen]
  • If it does give you black screen, delete Haxchi Installer using Appstore and download it again
  • Retry

Now tap on that DS VC game. Oh look! Homebrew Launcher! Did you know that Haxchi has it’s own built-in CFW? With this small trick, you will be able to boot into Haxchi’s CFW! But you need to eject out your SDCard [In Wii U menu of course, not in HBL or Appstore]

It’s time to edit config.txt. config.txt is located in SDCard://haxchi/config.txt

Editing config.txt
  • Now you have SDCard in your hands. Insert it to your PC again.

You will now see a new folder on your SDCard named “haxchi” [If it’s not there, create it] Now you will see config.txt here. [If it’s not there. create config.txt file] This is where fun begins.

  • Open config.txt, you will see some strange stuff. With this config file, you can bind buttons to your liking!

Quick explaination: wiiu/apps/<Homebrew’s Folder Name>/<Homebrew’s .elf file>

sysmenu= This argument will boot you into Haxchi’s Built-in CFW

Set it to something like this:

  • a=wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf
  • b=wiiu/apps/appstore/appstore.elf
  • default=sysmenu

Now insert your SDCard back into your Wii U and run Haxchi’d DS VC

Now from there run Haxchi Installer and let it overwirte your Haxchi’d game with new configuration. Now to get into Homebrew Launcher, you have to hold A, to get into Appstore, you have to hold B while starting up Haxchi. If you do nothing, you will get booted into Haxchi CFW! No need to use Mocha CFW anymore!


Congratulations! You’re done! Permament HBL solution, that feels good doesn’t it?

Want to boot direct into HAXCHI(cbhc) ? or simply learn now how to install Game Backups (WUP installer)? or  you just want to Homebrew(Appstore) ?


CBHC or WUP Installer  or APPSTORE